Are you using Teams to share sensitive data?

Microsoft Teams has fast become one of THE most useful business tools for the way we work today. No matter where your people work from, they can communicate and collaborate quickly and reliably. But this remote way of working can also open the door to some MAJOR security issues. New research shows that nearly HALF of employees frequently share confidential …

Some bosses think their people do less when working from home

Microsoft has become the leader of productivity over many decades. Can you imagine doing your day to day work without their software? So it’s no surprise the tech giant recently conducted a major new survey into productivity in the workplace – and some of the results might surprise you. Researchers surveyed 20,000 people working for […]

Should you backup Office 365?

Yes, if you think Microsoft back up your Office 365 data, you’re not alone. But you’re also wrong. This common misconception puts your critical data and entire business at considerable risk. The data in your Office 365 mailboxes, SharePoint, and OneDrive is in fact explicitly your responsibility to protect.  Here it is in black and white, from Microsoft’s Office 365 service agreement: … Read More

Work from Anywhere with Microsoft 365

The workplace of today is not just your office, it’s wherever you need to be. Home, Office even a Cafe or restaurant !! Microsoft 365 literally has all the answers. Within one subscription, there are so many different apps that enable remote working and all these apps can work on many different devices