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Data Recovery Services

Deleted something you didn’t mean to ?

Computer won’t start ?

Hard Drive failed ?

USB Stick won’t work

Recovering data from damaged, corrupted or failed drives, is something the Owl is really good at. We can also recover any files that may have been deleted by accident.

We have an extensive, advanced set of tools to recover data from a wide range of devices including:

  • Failed Hard Disk Drives & Solid State Disk Drives;
  • Failed External, SAN & NAS Hard Disks;
  • RAID Array Recovery & Rebuild;
  • Failed Memory Cards: SD, Compact Flash etc;
  • Failed USB Memory Sticks / Flash Drives;
  • Failed Backup Tapes, CD’s DVD’s, Floppy Disks etc.;
  • Damaged Disks / Drives / USB Devices;
  • iPad, iPhone, Tablet & Mobile Data Recovery;
  • Recovery of deleted data & from formatted media;
  • Laptop Data Recovery;
  • Windows, Mac & Linux Support;
  • Water, Head & Shock Damage;
  • Systems that no longer boot;
  • Data transfer from legacy systems;
  • Forensic Data Extraction & Duplication for investigators;
  • Data from systems to which passwords have been forgotten;
  • Password resets for some operating systems.

The extent of data recovery ranges from a 100% recovery including boot sectors of a hard drive down to specific ‘critical’ files. Unfortunately in some cases recovery is not possible.

We also have partnerships with industry recognised data recovery companies who have full laboratory facilities to recover your data in those rare instances we cannot do it in-house.