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Online Backup Services

Business Continuity starts with online data backup!

Owltech guarantees data protection and importantly all backed up data stays in the UK, is military grade encrypted and saved to multiple sites ensuring complete peace of mind.

This is the easiest and safest way to backup the data on any PC, Laptop or Server.

Our partners cloud-based backup software is the best of its kind. It complies with UK data protection regulations and is endorsed by UK insurance companies. It takes just minutes to install, backs up all file types including SQL and ALSO offers an all in one solution for Microsoft Exchange servers, allowing the automatic and online backup of Brick Level Exchange mailboxes to multiple offsite locations in the UK!

You can install the software on multiple machines (licence free) and the software works ‘plug and play’ with Exchange and SQL. Simply install the Depositit Backup software from OwlTech and within minutes the exchange mailboxes will be ready for online backup. The same goes for SQL and any other files or databases you need to keep safe.

  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Runs full and incremental backups from any PC, laptop or server
  • Automatically stores your data in multiple offsite UK data centres
  • Saves historic versions of backed up files to restore from previous dates
  • Backup networks, open files and NAS drives
  • Online, automated Brick Level MS Exchange mailbox backup
  • Military Grade encrypted and guaranteed


Choose from one of our three standard service offerings or contact us to discuss a customised requirement.

  • Bronze Package (up to 10gb) £10+VAT per month. Sign up here
  • Silver Package (up to 20gb) – £20 +VAT per month. Sign up here
  • Gold Package (up to 50gb) – £50 per month. Sign up here