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Small business IT Support

Owl Technical Services offer a full range of support services for Start-up and Small businesses in the High Wycombe area.

Our Owltech@Work service is tailor made to suit your business, your IT infrastructure and your budget.

Whether you want our support via Telephone, at your site or via our remote access service (or all three) – we can help in whatever way suits you, when it suits you.

Many of our customers like to use our IT services on an “as-required” basis, particularly if they have a smaller installation and require only occasional assistance.

For larger customers who require more on-going support, we can offer a service contract based on a reduced hourly rate and a quarterly service charge based upon the total amount of equipment supported.

Alternatively, for a higher quarterly charge we can provide a complete ‘virtual IT department’ service with no additional labour charges. In this way, you gain access to experienced professionals for far less than the cost of employing one new member of staff.

All our support plans are charged on a quarterly basis with the notice period being 3 months too. At Owltech, we are confident that we can offer a level of service you will want to keep using without forcing you to commit for 12 months at a time. You can contract us in the knowledge that should you be unhappy with our support, you are not obliged to stick with us for a whole year (We are sure that this will not be the case !)

Every businesses IT support requirements differ so we are more than happy to discuss your situation and customise a service package that suits both of us !

Please do e-mail, call or fill in the form on the right for us to call you – no pressure, no obligations just an easy, friendly discussion to see if and how we can help.

Some of our Small Business It Support Services are below – this is not a definitive list, just a short overview of a few areas.

Cloud Computing

We can offer Microsoft Office 365 and business transitions costs at competitive rates

Online Backup – Business Continuity

Business Continuity starts with online data backup!

Owltech, via our online backup partner Depositit, Delivers Cyber Protection for your Data

Once set up, your computer files are military grade encrypted and automatically backed up and saved across multiple UK data centres to ensure complete privacy and peace of mind.

Restoration Certificate

Restoring files is the most important element of any backup solution and this is why we include an annual health check free of charge for every customer. This can be shown to your Insurer or compliance regulator when required.

Depositit’s Backup System takes just minutes to set up

The software can be installed on multiple machines and provides the quickest, easiest and safest way to backup all file types and databases (including SQL & Exchange) on any PC, Laptop or Server. Depositit complies with UK data protection regulations and is endorsed by UK insurance companies.

AVG Business CloudCare

AVG Business CloudCare takes away the worry of managing the online security of devices, data and people across your business. Flexible and simple to use, you can manage all your clients security services from a simple, single screen dashboard and give confidence to any organization that their applications and data are protected on supported devices, anytime, anywhere.

The AVG Cloudcare suite includes:

AVG Antivirus – Blocks viruses, spyware, & other malware
AVG Remote IT – Remotely connect to your customers’ devices
AVG Online Backup – Backup personal and company data
AVG Content Filtering – Limit user access to websites
AVG Email Security Services – Prevent spammers & scammers

Customizable Email Alerts – Fully customize your email alerts

AVG Cloudcare can be managed by you or by us – offering complete flexibility with regards to choice of service and payment plan.

Hardware solutions

Owltech diagnose and repair all hardware faults on desktops and laptops, whatever the problem, whether it’s a dead PC, failed component or an intermittent fault. We can also carry out upgrades to your current computers as well as help you commission any news ones.

Network support services

We are able to diagnose network issues including internet problems, printer network issues and logon problems.

Virus and Malware removal

Whilst viruses have evolved over the years, so have virus removal tools. Viruses can severely damage PC’s, laptops and entire servers, we offer a full clean up service.

Software solutions

Whether your system is not starting up properly, behaving erratically or simply running slow. We can help you with all types of software problems you may be experiencing.

Data recovery

Recovering data from damaged, corrupted or failed drives, we can also recover any files that may have been deleted by accident.