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With Microsoft Planner, you can accomplish big goals this year.

Microsoft 365 comes with some fantastic productivity and collaboration tools out of the box.

Did you know that there's a valuable project planning mechanism in Teams?

To learn how to use Microsoft Planner, watch our short video.

Could I crack your staff’s passwords?


The safest passwords are long, random ones, generated by a computer.

But those are usually the ones that staff dislike the most. Because they’re difficult to remember and time consuming to type in (unless you use a password manager).

The real point is – a weak password leaves your business vulnerable to cyber criminals. They can crack short obvious passwords using brute force VERY quickly

This video is looks at the risks of weak passwords - feel free to also run your passwords through our new password checker, to see how safe they really are - Owltech's Cyber Security page


Boss, I need a new Laptop

Don't just consider the expense when a member of your team says they need a new laptop or other device because they've lost it.

You should also worry about the data protection of the missing computer. Here are some important questions to ask yourself...

Data protection when working from home

Working from home will make your organisation more vulnerable to a cyber-attack. Since our home Wi-Fi isn't always as safe as business connections.

Here's a clever way to keep your company secure, regardless of who's working where...

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