USB Flash vs USB Storage

An interesting situation arose today with a Client who had a Windows 8 tablet and he wanted to make a system image backup to a 64GB USB Mass Storage Device and it wouldn’t work – the error message was “drive not valid”. Before I go on, here is a link that helps guide you through the making a system image process … Read More

Phablets Are The New Normal | TechCrunch

Phablets Are The New Normal | TechCrunch. Phablets Are The New Normal NATASHA LOMAS posted 2 hours ago 6 Comments As trends go, it’s been hard to miss this one: Smartphones are getting bigger. Much bigger. Samsung has been championing huge phones for well over a year, introducing its original 5.3-inch whopper — the Galaxy Note — in 2011, and firing out a 5.5-inch … Read More