Google’s ‘mobilegeddon’ update release date arrives | IT PRO

Google’s ‘mobilegeddon’ update release date arrives | IT PRO. Google has updated its mobile-friendly algorithm, which will penalise many prominent sites in the process Google’s latest algorithm update – focused especially on mobile browsing – is being rolled out today, with many organisations waiting with baited breath to see whether they will be adversely or positively affected by the changes. … Read More

The Truth About Your PC’s Factory Settings: One Size Fits None

Even a brand new, state-of-the-art computer was built for no one in particular. Windows comes installed on your PC in average (“Balanced”) power mode. This means your computer arrived trying to perform a balancing act between users who want to save power and those who want raw speed. The result is your new PC is constrained by a mediocre system … Read More

Is your Home Network secure ? what about your NAS

The following article was posed on the BBC website, written by Mark Ward – Technology correspondent, BBC News. I have re-posted it here as it touches on a subject near to my heart.  Data security and backup these days is becoming more and more key.  I have a friend who religiously backed up all his data to an external hard drive. … Read More

USB Flash vs USB Storage

An interesting situation arose today with a Client who had a Windows 8 tablet and he wanted to make a system image backup to a 64GB USB Mass Storage Device and it wouldn’t work – the error message was “drive not valid”. Before I go on, here is a link that helps guide you through the making a system image process … Read More

Gameover Zeus reminds us of the basics of online security

The UK’s National Crime Agency has advised that it has identified the gang behind prevalent virus, Gameover Zeus, and warned users that they have a two week window to ensure their computers are secure, before it can be expected that the cybercriminals regain control and potentially unleash a large scale cyber-attack. The warning comes after the NCA, working with the FBI, managed … Read More